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Keynote Lectures:

  1. Keynote Lecture (Dr. Tasuku Honjo本庶佑)
  2. Keynote Lecture (James C. Liao廖俊智)
  3. Keynote Lecture (Timothy Mitchison)
  4. Keynote Lecture (Ye-Guang Chen陳曄光)
  5. Special Lecture (Ann-Shyn Chiang江安世)


  1. Cancer cell biology
  2. Cell migration and cytoskeletons
  3. Intracellular trafficking
  4. Cell Science in biotechnology
  5. Inflammation and diseases
  6. Mitochondrial biology (tentative)
  7. Stem cell biology
  8. Single cell analysis (tentative)
  9. Cell Science in translational medicine
  10. Noncoding RNA in cell biology and diseases


  1. Translational Genetic Disease
  2. Cell biology in plant system
  3. Cell biology in development
  4. Cell biology in innate immunity
  5. Extracellular vesicles
  6. Aging and metabolic control (tentative)
  7. Cell biology in nervous system
  8. CryoEM
  9. Novel technologies
  10. Tumor microenvironment
  11. Microbes and host interplay
  12. Autophagy
  13. Mechanical forces in cell biology
  14. Centrosome and cilia disease
  15. epigenetics
  16. Protein quality control